Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ginger Galore and So Much More

     Nausea and I don't really get along. Kind of like a tenant who won't pay rent on time, or a dog who always chews your favorite shoes, or maybe rain at an outdoor wedding. Yeah, it's on that level. I wish there was one thing that always worked for me when that dreaded feeling creeps in, but so far it's pretty hit or miss. I do take Zofran (the dissolvable kind) on a daily basis although sometimes the nausea still sweeps in and ruins the day. Sometimes adding one of my many "remedies" can at least take the edge off, so I figured I'd share a few. These are all tips I've picked up over the last couple years from various websites and people, so I can't take credit but just hope to share and help my fellow GPer's or anyone else dealing with nausea.

1) Ginger. I'm sure this is common knowledge to most people, but starting out on this journey I had no idea how many forms of ginger are available so here are a few of my favorites.

-Ginger People: This is a company that makes a large variety of ginger items such as Ginger Chews and GinGins which are ginger CANDIES (so don't go over board!) that are easy to toss in your bag and always have a few on hand since they come individually wrapped. I prefer the Original Ginger Chews but you can buy many different flavors and quantities in bulk here. They also make ginger syrups and minced ginger that can be used to easily add the power of ginger to any of your daily meals.

-Candied Ginger/ Ginger Syrup: This is ginger that has been cooked and comes crystallized (coated in sugar, just really messy in my opinion) or uncrystallized. I usually buy mine from Trader Joe's because they have really great prices. I've also made my own candied ginger before that was really tasty and cooked the remaining liquid down into a syrup. You just cut up your ginger (thin slices or diced) and cook in a simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar, I used one cup of each) until tender. Remove the ginger and lay it out in a single layer to air dry and continue to cook remaining liquid until it's a syrup consistency. I stored mine in the refrigerator and it should be good for a few days at least.

- Ginger Mints: These are like Altoids mints, but ginger flavored and so tasty! I've only tried the Trader Joe's brand and love them. They're pretty strong so I only need a few at a time since too much ginger at once can give me heart burn.

-Ginger Tea: My favorite is Ginger Aid by Traditional Medicinals. I usually add a fennel tea bag also because it helps with bloating and I like the flavors together. Add a little honey and it's perfect!

2) Sea Bands: These are little bands that go on your wrist and have a plastic ball which presses on a pressure point known to help settle nausea. It's great for motion sickness and can help take the edge off during mild nausea flares.

3) Quease Ease: Some smells can help alleviate nausea and the Quease Ease is an aromatherapy inhaler that really does help take the edge off. You just remove the cap and take nice slow breaths in through your nose until the feeling passes. I especially love to use this in cars, but it's useful whenever. It also helps my sister with her migraines and the nausea she gets as a side effect.

4) Ricola Original Cough Drops: Not sure what exactly in these helps me, but sometimes it really helps settle my tummy.

5) Deep Breathing/ Visualization: When I can feel the nausea coming on and I start to panic, it makes it so much worse. Taking the time to close my eyes, breathe deep, and visualize something that makes me happy and calm can really help me get through the worst of it and helps it to pass faster.

That's all for now but if you have any additional suggestions please feel free to share them below. =)

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