Thursday, June 26, 2014

Days Like These

I’d planned on writing this post earlier this week, but have been so busy with my last week of school that I’m just getting to it. Side note, I am so glad to be done with school and ready to enjoy this summer! Anyway, last weekend was amazing. It’s difficult to have any kind of social life when you’re chronically ill. Making plans knowing there’s a high chance I’ll be sick and have to cancel is pretty depressing. Having to pack a backpack full of medical supplies just to step out of the house can be quite a burden at times. Finding outfits that don’t look ridiculous with my feeding tube hanging out is quite a challenge. Yet even with all the trials I face to simply get out of the house, days like last weekend remind me that it’s more than worth the effort.
Saturday I was able to get dressed up (I even wore my heels!) and go to a reception where I danced all night. I was able to catch up and laugh with people I haven’t had the chance to see in ages and it was so refreshing. Then Sunday I had the privilege of attending the second annual fundraising dinner for Gastroparesis and Dysautonomia hosted by a fellow GP fighter. She did such a wonderful job despite all the health setbacks she has faced recently, and was able to bring together chronic illness fighters from multiple states to give us a chance to raise money for research and to simply have the opportunity to share stories, tips, and hope. It was pretty surreal to not be the only person in the room with a backpack and feeding tube. It was also a nice change that no one looked at me funny while I ate applesauce for dinner instead of having what everyone else was eating haha.
Its days like these which help remind me that although bad days can outnumber good days, we have the option to not let the bad overshadow the good. Dues to being ill, I wasn't able to make it to the wedding, had to leave the reception early, and had a tough ride on the way home from the fundraising dinner, but taking the time to reflect on the good moments made it worth it. We have to personally make the decision to find ways to be happy, no matter how hard it is. Even if you can’t have a whole weekend, or even a whole day, actively search for just one moment of happiness and reflect on it throughout the day, and I bet you’ll find yourself smiling just a little more than usual.